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World of Warcraft picture
World of Warcraft
NoPing Tunnel is outstanding. I tested other programs: Pingzapper, BattlePing, etc. with no luck. As soon as I started using NoPing Tunnel I stopped having kicks and latency dropped by approx. 70%. I would recommend the NoPing Tunnel to everyone!
Conquer Online picture
Conquer Online
NoPing is actually the best ping program I've used to date. I've tried out the other big name ones. The support here is also quick and splendid to talk with. They will help with virtually anything related to the program!
Fortnite Battle Royale picture
Fortnite Battle Royale
Very good program, did help me with my ms and lag on overall.
H1Z1: King of the Kill picture
H1Z1: King of the Kill
My pc used to lag at the very exact momment i was shooting another player and used to died in those 1v1. But with no ping I can compete with other players and get a more complete and enjoyable experience oh h1z1 and other games I have been playing.