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Pokexgames picture
The best software that I've used, 0 lag I widely recommend it, I'm very satisfied, thanks so much No ping, I don't know if this software works in another country like Australia with tibia game in ma case I used No ping with tibia in Mexico
Bless Online picture
Bless Online
Somehow This has given me 176ping from Australia and it feels it. Loving it! Was so worried when they announced Virginia as the server location. test pinging it was 280+. Thank you NoPing for bending the laws of Physics so I can play this game.
World of Warcraft picture
World of Warcraft
I live in Venezuela so my internet its not the best or even good for onlyne games, i was playing wow with 250ms on server ragnaros with noping im playing with 110ms.
Albion Online picture
Albion Online
Ping went from 120 to 40. Pvp just became awesome. Thanks Nopîng